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Support Engineer

Support Engineer

To expand our team, we are looking for an enthusiastic support engineer. At Studio Automated you get the chance to work with super nice, creative and smart colleagues, work on the improvement of highly interesting cool products and preparing to put them into the market. As support engineer you are the linchpin in the web, which makes the job really diverse. One moment you are talking to a very technical person and the next you are talking to someone who needs easy language.

You will rub shoulders with all product elements of Studio Automated. This could be using our dashboard to support someone with planning a match, debugging a server of a customer somewhere in Scandinavia who you contact via the terminal and ssh connection, or, for instance, using a specially developed calibration tool, with which you can string camera images together. When you work as support engineer at Studio Automated, keep in mind that you will be regularly amazed with all the possibilities of the products and that nothing seems impossible. When a functionality does not yet exist, then there will surely be a colleague who has a good idea for it and can build it. When you, as support engineer, find out that there is a need for something from the service requests you receive, you discuss this with the team and you can influence the further development of our products. The short lines in the flexible and enthusiastic team are ideal and all ideas and initiatives are welcome. Together we continue to build.

The tech stack you will have to deal with as support engineer include:


  • Bash scripting
  • Sdsh & vpn connections
  • Linux servers (installation and maintenance)
  • Windows and Microsoft applications
  • Cloud solutions (MS Azure)
  • Python
  • Video processing (ffmpeg, mp4, avi, RTMP, RTSP, etc.)
Studio Automated Support engineer

As a Support engineer, you are customer focused and excellent communicating. You have technical insight and you are very motivated to get to know new technical products. You must be able to switch quickly between the various activities. Being talented and handy at organizing and able to prioritize is a plus. Within the team we like self-reliant people, who are not afraid to ask questions. Have we triggered your interest, and do you feel like helping to build a continuously changing landscape? Respond quickly!

Interested in this position with Studio Automated?

For questions about the content of a certain role, please contact Paul van den Haak (technology & operations) or Paul Valk (marketing & sales) ) directly via or

Questions about the process? Please contact Marie Anne Borst (HR) via 06 526 92 920.