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About sport & media

The use of relatively inexpensive camera and communications hardware combined with advanced AI Computer Vision technology creates the opportunity for sport clubs, universities, high schools and others, to stream unique highlights of a match to local trainers and fans real-time. Studio automated delivers AI computer vision software via global partners to companies covering live events, advertisers who need to have unique content to serve their audiences and companies providing video analytics software to professional sport clubs and federations.

Virtual Director

Opportunity for broadcasters and event organizers to have a fully automated application where the software automatically follows that part of a live event that is most interesting to viewers.


Opportunity for clubs, sport federations and the advertisement industry to distribute automatically match highlights from local sport events by use of leading edge image- and pattern detection software at low prices.

Virtual Lens

Stitch and dewarp multiple video streams together at the highest quality possible according to the leading video analysts in the European Soccer Champions League.

Game Tracking

Track players which have the ball or other objects (ROI), to predict the ultimate camera position automatically. To improve virtual director technology, and create immersive automated broadcast content.

How it works

We are using a 180 degree panoramic 32 Mxp Camera. This camera has four lenses. We stitch the separate lenses and dewarp the video to give an entire view of the field. In order to “Auto-follow” the match, we detect and follow every player real-time and frame accurate. We stream this processed video to every channel that is available.


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