It’s coming home

This upcoming weekend it all starts, the IBC in Amsterdam – home ground of Studio Automated! Over 50.000 media and entertainment professionals from across the broadcasting and content creation world will be there, with representatives from over 150 countries. The event showcases the very latest innovations to which the Studio Automated products of course belong. We will be there and also organize an exclusive event ourselves, with food, drinks, a boat tour and an inspiring presentation about the future of AI in sports production.. read on to know more!


IBC and Studio Automated: “A shared mission”

IBC is one of the world’s most inspiring media events, combining both content and technology.  This combination resonates seamlessly with Studio Automated’s mission of ‘making content relevant for society’. To be more specific: Studio Automated strives to make every sport available to anyone, anytime, anywhere, giving sport clubs the ability to automate the video production of their sport matches by developing high quality and low-cost software based on state-of-the-art AI technology. You could say IBC and Studio Automated share the same mission: connecting the world through technological innovation. Studio Automated bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical use and IBC facilitates the magic.

The Studio Automated Exclusive Partner Event

At the end of IBC day one, we will organize an Exclusive Partner Event, where we will celebrate the opening of our new office and give a presentation about the latest developments around AI in our industry. Accompanied with food, drinks and a boat trip through the Amsterdam canals, you will have the perfect start of the IBC. If you’re interested in attending, just reach out to the Studio Automated team and we’ll be happy to welcome you!

Studio automated is ready to empower content together with IBC. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Tech is coming home…

Stay tuned.