Device agnostic camera software

The importance of device-agnostic software cannot be overstated, as more and more businesses are automating their sports video production. We’ve set out the five most important advantages. 


  • Compatibility: Device-agnostic camera software allows your automated production system to work on a wider range of cameras, making it more versatile and flexible as it keeps you in control over your hardware setup without having to think about the additional software. When a manufacturer discontinues a particular model or you develop a new camera that is less expensive or performs better, you can just replace the hardware but keep the software running and up to date. Working with device-agnostic software means you can be flexible with choosing your hardware supplier.

”Device-agnostic software will give you a greater choice and flexibility in hardware solutions”

Device agnostic camera software

      Device agnostic AI-software can be applied on virtually all hardware solutions out there



  • Cost savings: Investing in a camera solution that is device-agnostic can help you save money in the long run because you won’t have to invest in developing multiple versions of software for different camera types and brands.
  • Improved User Experience: Camera software that is device-agnostic ensures that your users have a consistent and seamless experience across different cameras which can improve their satisfaction and make your automated production system easier to use. It streamlines your workflow and simplifies maintenance of your business. In case all software development time and energy can be focused on a single, device-agnostic package, users will obtain a seamless and consistent experience whichever camera they opt for. The development team does not have to divide its attention across different features, or even versions, that might be camera specific. In turn, this will lead to happy users as the software that they will be using gets all the love and care it needs
  • Scalability: As a result of the software’s ability to work with a variety of cameras and the fact that you don’t need to purchase numerous software versions, you can scale much more quickly to both more venues and more sports. It is evident that there is no camera setup that satisfies all needs and budgets. Thanks to device-agnostic software you save money by not having to teach your personnel how to use and implement fixed hardware-software solutions that all cover different needs and budgets; instead, this money can have a more useful purpose in the company.


  • Competitive advantage: Your business can stay ahead of the competition by being more adaptable, efficient, and responsive to changing market conditions. While your competitors are limited to working with certain cameras, being agnostic gives you the flexibility to work with all camera models.


”Being device-agnostic equals being future proof”


Investing in device-agnostic camera software for your automated production system is a smart way to future-proof your business against changes in technology and streamline production. With new camera technologies emerging regularly, it’s essential to ensure that your system can keep up with these changes without requiring significant upgrades or overhauls. By designing your system to be device-agnostic, you can be confident that it will remain relevant and useful for years to come, regardless of how camera technology evolves. It could provide your business with a competitive edge and help you stay ahead of the curve. A device-agnostic setup will – thanks to its compatibility – help you to stay on top of the game by being able to implement the latest hardware technologies at scale, with less implementation costs and greater user experience. These are all benefits that a fixed hardware-software solution cannot provide.