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We are a  global company – headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands – our technology is based on more than 50  years of Research and Development. Focussing on  the automated extraction of relevant content out of video. We combine video analytics with data science  and network technology, to bring our products on the cutting edge of computer vision technology. Together with our partners, we manage and deliver more than 50.000 live events around the world each year. Among our science network, DARPA award winning Phd’s are dedicated involved to bring the most innovative and leading front-end algorithms to our company. These algorithms are productised for our customers in the most efficient way.

We are focused on bringing our leading-edge software and services  to organizations everywhere in the world. Our easy to integrate and scalable software for live and on-demand events will benefit several industries like Sport & Media, Safety& Security, Health,  Education, Mobility and Logistics.

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Meet the team

Studio Automated meet the team Paul Valk

Paul Valk


As founder and Sports fanatic person I am supporting our partners and team to monetize their capabilities using our leading-edge Ai software. My passion is setting up innovative business with talented and motivated people, create enthusiasm and entrepreneurship. Together with a team of seasoned and starting professionals driving the commercial strategy and operations drives me getting the best of out of myself and others.

Studio Automated meet the team Paul van den Haak

Paul van den Haak


As one the founders I am responsible for technology development, finance and the operational day-to-day management of studio Automated. My passion is to manage our highly skilled team to the next level. Doing what I love and inspiring others gives me positive energy and is the main reason why Studio Automated is a great place to work.

studio automated meet the team kevin

Kevin Hesseling

Data Analyst

As data analyst, I help Studio Automated improve their AI models and optimise the overall viewer experience. By sharing my knowledge and experiences of various sports, I try to contribute to the development of our AI software. I am actively involved in sports every day and am very excited about the fact that I have been able to combine my big hobby with work. The position of data analyst at Studio Automated offers me the opportunity to do what I enjoy doing every day. After all, that is the most important thing in life.

Studio Automated meet the team angelique

Angelique Schouten

DevOps Engineer

I love creating new products and features or to improve them. Especially when it requires analytical problem solving and precision. The biggest treat of Studio Automated I find the team’s inspiring enthusiasm, skills and inventiveness. This also matches my ambition to reach the highest level of functionality and usability. My free time I like to spend bouldering or climbing. Or if possible, in the mountains, enjoying the views and making long and adventurous hikes.

Studio Automated meet the team rouke

Rouke Pouw


I am driven to finding the answers to the right questions. I like to build good things. For a part time stuntman, part time mathematician, Studio Automated brings an unique oppurtunity to unite my passions for film, sports and abstract problem solving.

Studio Automated meet the team Sybren

Sybren Römer


I get energy from finding the limits and optimal use of the newest technology. I likes to challenge the status quo and have lots of experience with different disruptive startup companies. I enjoy to build simple proof of concepts before developing new functionalities. Studio automated offers the perfect workplace to combine all of these things.

Studio Automated meet the team thomas

Thomas Bakker


I keep my inner fire burning by maintaining a healthy balance between playing tennis, cooking, creating music and, of course, solving problems with AI, especially the problems that are concerned with teaching computers to 'see' as much as us. At Studio Automated I have the privilege to work on solving these problems in a driven and ambitious team, a team that also likes to joke around as soon as the opportunity arises.

Studio Automated meet the team tim

Tim de Haan


My greatest passions are food, sports and tech. I am most proud of working closely with a team to bring leading-edge software to the world. It is great to work at Studio Automated because we are transforming state-of-the-art AI algorithms into real-world applications.

Studio Automated meet the team wouter

Wouter Uijens


Originally I worked on the studio automated technology when it still was developed inside TNO. I was so passionate about the potential, I joined SA and started working on it full-time. Our technological solution is such a good match to a real world need, that it is an unique opportunity to work here.

Studio Automated meet the team arnoud

Arnoud de Vries


It is very rewarding when I know the customer enjoys using the software I built. We work on innovative solutions, including things no-one has ever done before. While Studio Automated is growing fast you can still feel the high energy unique to a startup everyday. It’s great to work with smart and motivated people in a no-nonsense environment.

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